UK Lawyers discuss Social Media

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On 22 January 2010 Brian Inkster joined Chris Sherliker, Rory Webber and Adrian Dayton for a discussion about how UK lawyers are using social media.

Adrian Dayton (@adriandayton) is an American Attorney and Social Media Expert.

Rory Webber (@MrRx) is Community Manager with Martindale Hubble Connected. Chris Sherliker (@London_Law_Firm) is a partner with Silverman Sherliker, who have been described on Twitter as the “coolest lawyers in London”.

Adrian described Brian and Chris as, together, bringing thought leadership in social media to the UK market.

Adrian sought in the discussion to find out whether things are really that different in the UK from the US: Are lawyers in the UK and abroad using social media to make connections and bring in business? Or are UK lawyers too serious for Twitter?