UK Lawyers and Social Media

29 January 2010

UK Lawyers and Social MediaLast Friday Brian Inkster joined Chris Sherliker, Rory Webber and Adrian Dayton for a discussion about how UK lawyers are using social media.

Adrian Dayton (@adriandayton) is an American Attorney and Social Media Expert.

Rory Webber (@MrRx) is Community Manager with Martindale Hubble Connected. Chris Sherliker (@London_Law_Firm) is a partner with Silverman Sherliker, who have been described on Twitter as the “coolest lawyers in London”.

Adrian described Brian and Chris as, together, bringing thought leadership in social media to the UK market.

Adrian sought in the discussion to find out whether things are really that different in the UK from the US: Are lawyers in the UK and abroad using social media to make connections and bring in business? Or are UK lawyers too serious for Twitter?

Before the call Catrin Mills (@law_coach) said how much she was looking forward to it in a blog post: What's twitter got for Lawyers?

Immediately after the call Linda Cheung (@LindaCheungUK) provided an initial write up of some of the main points.

The discussion is now available as a podcast:-

on Inksters' Radio: UK Lawyers discuss Social Media

or via Adrian's website: How UK Lawyers Are Using Social Media

Comments on Twitter have included:-

@efficiencycoach 2 stars of the legal twitter world go head to head - can u afford to miss this?

@law_coach highly recommend it!

@Intendance Absolutely agree - it is about being SOCIAL!

@Intendance definitely agree it's best when it is fun as well! #UKAD

@Intendance Good call - great feedback to work into our work with UK lawyers #UKAD

@adriandayton Such a blast chatting with @BrianInkster @MrRx @London_Law_Firm on webinar today. By far the best accents on my call ever. #UKAD

@LindaCheungUK Excellent conference call :) Thank you! Agree compelling ROI & it's fun! #ukad

@RobCorwin Thanks doing the call this morning/afternoon. I enjoyed hearing your thoughts.

@rosaliekramm Call was fantastic.

@Charonqc ...podcast.... hilarious!

@Charonqc ...great stuff.... wonderfully surreal...

@Charonqc Interesting @brianinkster and @London_Law_firm are good... and are good tweeters!

@soraya27 WOW.. You guys are so good you even got Dr Frasier Crane listening. !!!

@montserratlj I like Brian Inkster's voice. #UKAD :-)

@montserratlj Well, that was cool

@Heaney_Watson ...excellent podcast. I Challenge anyone to say 'a tweet or two' in a cooler way than Brian Inkster!

@Jkhoey Love the "some are still in the lunch line" comment

@Jkhoey Content is definitely enhanced by the accents!!! LOL

@Jkhoey LOVE hearing abt USE of Twitter by lawyers vs reasons NOT to use it

@_millymoo Listening to @BrianInkster and @London_law_firm on social media podcast - hilarious!!

@JessRhian Funny! Charon is pronounced with a K....I asked. Egg timer technique useful for house tidying/cleaning too. :)

@michaelscutt Worth a listen: Adrian Dayton/Brian Inkster/Chris Sherliker podcast on UK lawyers use of social media - v. interesting

@michaelscutt In that podcast I liked Chris sherliker's comment that most users of social media are over 40 and thus "interesting people". Absolutely

@michaelscutt Most of my younger colleagues haven't the first clue about social media, apart from Facebook. Why is that?

@michaelscutt Chris Sherliker's comment on podcast that the law will become ever more competitive with the LSA 2007 is abs. right. Social media is the

@michaelscutt way to build and protect client base in the face of multi-million pound marketing spend by legal leviathans.