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14 October 2010

Inksters feature in a blog post as one of eleven great social media marketing examples to steal ideas from. Gordon MacIntyre Kemp writing for the Drum said that he was fed up of seeing the same old big-brand examples being rolled out as the best practice in social media marketing. So he asked his Twitter followers to suggest real companies of any size that had a social media footprint that they admired and as a result received about fifty suggestions. From those he selected eleven that he thought are ahead of the game in their industry within the UK, and are engaging on a deeper level. Inksters were one of the eleven. We fall within the section entitled 'Cool Guys in Uncool Sectors'!

Gordon says of Inksters:-

"Yes, a law firm! Look at their homepage and ask yourself, would your solicitor have their Twitter feed, videos, charity mentions and links to their own online TV and podcasts on their home page? Thought not.

Steal an idea from them: Be the first in your industry to make the social marketing leap – it can set any company apart from the competition."

At Inksters we do like to be 'Just that little bit different...' It is not unusual for us to lead where other law firms follow  and we are always flattered when others steal an idea from us.

The other Ten companies to steal ideas from are Illegal Jacks, The Chocolate Cafe, Naked Wines, Sweet Mandarin, Innocent Smoothies, Huggies Club, Cornerhouse, Hoipolloi, McKay Flooring and the Forum of Private Business.

Read Gordon's full blog post: Eleven great social media marketing examples to steal ideas from

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