Synchronicity, Trey Pennington and media140 Scotland

18 June 2010

The Twitterverse is a small, small place as demonstrated by this conversation amongst  Brian Inkster, Trey Pennington and Viveka von Rosen on Twitter this week in the run up to and following media140 Scotland:-

@BrianInkster Looking forward to being in your neck of the woods this week for #media140 Scotland. Cheers.9.21 PM Jun 14th via web

@treypennington Looking forward to seeing you. My firm @inksters are a #media140 Scotland sponsor: Did you realise that?10.26 PM Jun 14th via HootSuite

@BrianInkster Wow. Thank you for sponsoring #media140 Scotland. I did not know that.10:31 PM Jun 14th via TweetDeck

@treypennington Coincidentally, Brian @Inksters was the other person Julian @0nelife wanted to make sure you knew! #media14010:40 PM Jun 14th via TweetDeck

@LinkedInExpert @treypennington Re. @0neLife and #media140 see my tweet from the other night: PM Jun 14th via HootSuite

@BrianInkster And that's how we do it on Twitter!10:52 PM Jun 14th via web

@BrianInkster That's wonderful. @ScottGould is a remarkable leader. Love what he's done w #LikeMinds PM Jun 14th via TweetDeck

@treypennington Great to meet you IRL at #media140 Scotland and thanks for the bandana!about 18 hours ago via HootSuite

@BrianInkster My pleasure. Thank YOU for making #Media140 possible. My friend at Carolina Manufacturing is @maddenkim & @bandanababeabout 18 hours ago via TweetDeck

@treypennington As promised: 'Synchronicity, Plum Pudding and the Twitterverse' by @London_Law_Firm: #media140 Scotlandabout 11 hours ago via HootSuite

By the way: Trey started this conversation with Brian when he saw a tweet from Brian to Chris Sherliker (@London_Law_Firm). The conversation led to Brian mentioning Chris' blog post on 'Synchronicity, Plum Pudding and the Twitterverse' to Trey at media140 Scotland and then sharing the link with him on Twitter the following day. Synchronicity indeed!

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