Inksters News 2015

 Inksters News from 2015:-

  • Inklsters Christmas Holidays 2015
    Inksters Christmas Holidays 2015

    23 December 2015: Our offices are closed for the holiday period from 5pm on 23 December 2015. We re-open at 9am on 5 January 2016. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

  • Inksters Select Tea
    Inksters Select Tea Christmas Video

    22 December 2015: Inksters Select Tea has been launched with a Christmas Video linking in with Inksters Christmas Hats.

  • Inksters Christmas Hats 2014
    Hats off to our 2014 Christmas winners

    15 December 2015: The 2014 #hatsoffinksters prize winners can now be revealed. There are four prize winners this year...

  • Michelle Hynes
    Inksters Halloween

    31 October 2015: Team Inksters entered into the spirit of Halloween with some dressing up rather than down for our end of month 'dress down day' with drinks and spooky cake at 5pm yesterday. Happy Halloween!

  • Joanne Romanis and Robert Wild
    Inksters open in Forfar

    5 October 2015: Inksters are open for business today in Forfar. Robert Wild and Joanne Romanis join Inksters from Bowmans to establish the new Forfar office at 24 West High Street.

  • Scottish Ensemble in Shetland
    Scottish Ensemble return to Shetland

    29 September 2015: Members of Scottish Ensemble begin their 2015/16 Shetland season tonight with a programme of duos for violin and viola, performed by husband-and-wife team Jonathon Morton and Clio Gould.

  • Inksters Shetland Junior Chess Championship winners 2015
    Lindsay Garrick is Shetland Junior Chess Champion

    19 September 2015: Lindsay Garrick emerged victorious with a clean score of five straight wins at the Inksters Shetland Junior Chess Championship last Saturday.

  • Inksters Shetland Junior Chess Championship 2015
    Sponsoring Shetland Junior Chess Championship 2015

    27 August 2015: The Inksters Shetland Junior Chess Championship 2015 will be held in the Shetland Museum and Archives Auditorium on Saturday 12 September 2015 at 1pm (Registration at 12.30pm).

  • Royal Yacht Britannia - Thrive for Business - Inksters - At sunset
    Ahoy there! On board the Royal Yacht Britannia

    08 August 2015: Brian Inkster and Michelle Hynes were on-board the Royal Yacht Britannia for the Thrive summer party. An evening of red carpet and piper, champagne, canapes, a tour of the Yacht and an opera recital.

  • Legal IT Roundtable 2015 - Law Society - London
    At the legal IT table in London

    07 August 2015: Brian Inkster took part in a round table discussion on the use of legal IT by small to medium sized law firms at the offices of the Law Society of England & Wales in London.

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