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4 August 2015

Inksters are sponsoring This is Your Trial at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe. It’s a Fringe-goers dream come true; a brand new improvised show, where top comedians play lawyers prosecuting and defending charges set against you. You decide the accused and their charges by simply filling in the charge sheet on the back of the flyer (which you can do with an Inksters supplied pencil) – no one is safe! The performers decide the arguments for each case. You decide their guilt. YOU are the jury!

This follows on from a successful sponsorship by Inksters of the run of shows at last year’s Fringe and the previous year when Inksters’ founder, Brian Inkster, had his very own This is Your Trial show for one day at the Fringe: This is Your Trial: Brian Inkster. He was found not guilty on charges of High Treason for having his eyes on the Scottish, or was it Shetland, Crown.

With the cream of the comedy world already lining up to guest star, this year will no doubt put This Is Your Trial as one of the greatest and most unique comedy shows at the Fringe. With Marcus Brigstocke, Andrew Maxwell, Al Murray, Dane Baptiste, Angela Barnes, Tiernan Douieb, Jessica Fostekew, Deborah Frances-White, Amy Howerska, John Hastings, Trevor Lock, Caroline Maybey, Rachel Parris, Howard Read, Tiff Stevenson and Ahir Shah already confirmed to be QC and with Fringe favourites Thom Tuck, Jess Fostekew and Howard Read presiding over the proceedings as alternating Judges, what could possibly go wrong? This is original improvised comedy at its very finest!

This is Your Trial - Edinburgh Fringe 2014 - Court Artist

Proceedings will be recorded by a court artist and a stenographer (tweeter!) selected from the audience. The Trial Inksters Scoreboard will keep a running tally of which comedy QCs have the most wins throughout the run of shows.

This is Your Trial - Edinburgh Fringe 2014 - Fred Macaulay - Trial Inksters Scoreboard

The show’s creator, David Allison, said "this is a show inspired by law, I studied it, love the practice of it, but love comedy a little bit more. Somehow I've found a way to combine the two. For a change, lawyers can come do jury service in our audience, poacher turned gamekeeper, or is it the other way around?"

Brian Inkster said "Last year’s ‘trials’ at the Edinburgh Fringe went down a storm with some glowing reviews. It is great for the show to be back and for Inksters to be involved in it again. Lawyers are often seen as stuffy and boring. Inksters are very happy to counter that image!".

The shows are at 11.20pm each night from 5th to 30th August (not 17th) at Assembly Box, George Square.

Inksters are encouraging the audience to share the fun and post photos, quotes, comments or highlights online using #trialinksters, or email them to trial@inksters.com and Inksters will have prizes for the ones that tickle their fancy. You can follow the fun at trialinksters.com.

Do come along and join in the fun. You can buy tickets online: This is Your Trial Edinburgh Fringe 2015 Tickets

This is Your Trial - Edinburgh Fringe 2015


★★★★★★★★★★"All rise for some proper off-the-rails anarchic humour and wit…Don't miss the chance to watch some of the big wigs of the fringe” DAILY MIRROR

"The only court where the law isn't an ass, but the lawyers are" AL MURRAY

"A genuinely inventive, intelligent, comedy creation" KATE COPSTICK

“With such strong comedians behind it (and such a strong production team behind them), This Is Your Trial ensures a solid night of comedy with a refreshingly unique format” EDUNCOVERED

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