The Trial of Brian Inkster at the Edinburgh Fringe

10 June 2013

Brian Inkster is being put on trial, for a laugh, at the Edinburgh Fringe.

For one day in August, Brian will have his own ‘This is Your Trial’ show at the Fringe. He will be accused of an ‘offence’ he may or may not have done. Friends and colleagues may be called up as witnesses or just serve as the jury.

Comedians will argue for and against the ‘accused’ before judgment is ultimately passed.

Tony Law, Glenn Wool, Norman Lovett, Mark Dolan, Bob Slayer, Scott Capurro, Tim FitzHigham and Janey Godley are lined up to play roles as Judge, Prosecutor and Defence Counsel in the run of six shows, of which Brian’s trial is one.

Three shows are already booked out which means three are still available if you want to be part of a comedy roasting.

This is your Trial is the brainchild of David Allison, a law graduate, a writer, director and maker of films and TV. This Is Your Trial has been developed into a TV format and will hopefully be seen on your screens some time in 2014.

Brian Inkster said: “I first experienced ‘This is Your Trial’ in London, where I have attended two trials. I thought it was a great concept and a fun night out. With me being a Scottish Solicitor there was an obvious association for being put on trial for a laugh at the Edinburgh Fringe. It is also an ideal entertainment event for Inksters’ staff and invited guests. I may well regret it when I hear the charges and evidence against me. However, I am sure the audience will be kept amused.”

Mark Dolan commented: “It’s the Comedy Roast meets Judge Judy and it promises to be a blast. I should warn you, I’m going to be one of those hardline judges, and will be sending a good number of the defendants to the chair. An encounter with me promises a lengthy stint on the comedy equivalent of death row!”

Watch the trailer:-

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