Scottish Ensemble in Shetland

30 July 2013

The Scottish Ensemble are taking up a mini residency in Shetland this week, from Wednesday 31 July to Saturday 3 August, engaging with the community in a programme of events including a silent movie screening and performance, a day of community events all around the Isles, an afternoon of ballroom dancing and tea, and culminating in a concert at Mareel featuring a special composition about a sea journey from Dundee to Shetland – Seavaigers by Sally Beamish.

The programme for the final evening concert creates new connections between folk and classical traditions, interweaving Scots folk with baroque and 20th century string music. The Scottish Ensemble teams up with folk super-duo Shetlander Chris Stout (fiddle) and Catriona McKay (Scottish harp), for a programme centring on two double concertos. This first describes a sea journey from Dundee to Shetland in Seavaigers, composed by Sally Beamish specifically for this combination of performers. In Bach’s instantly recognisable Concerto for 2 Violins, Chris Stout and Catriona McKay join the individual virtuosi of the Scottish Ensemble in a fresh take on core string repertoire.

The project is sponsored by Inksters Solicitors. Brian Inkster said: “After hearing the premiere of Seavaigers at Celtic Connections in Glasgow in 2012 I thought it was appropriate for the piece to be performed in Shetland. My law firm, Inksters, has a strong Shetland connection with us carrying out legal work for many Shetlanders from Glasgow. I am delighted to strengthen that link by helping to take Scottish Ensemble to Shetland to perform Seavaigers with Chris and Catriona."

The Ensemble has been awarded a New Arts Sponsorship grant to support its work during the Shetland residency. The grants provide match funding for new arts sponsors, doubling their sponsorship benefits. The scheme is funded by the Scottish Government and delivered by Arts and Business Scotland. David Watt, Chief Executive, Arts and Business Scotland said: “Inksters’ sponsorship of the Scottish Ensemble clearly demonstrates how business can really benefit from associating with the arts. The New Arts Sponsorship grant also recognises how this partnership has empowered the Scottish Ensemble to create an innovative programme of activities that will engage with a wide variety of audiences during their residency in Shetland.”

For Mareel tickets:-

'Faust' with the Scottish Ensemble & DJ Alex Smoke

Tea Dance with the Scottish Ensemble

The Scottish Ensemble Concert with Chris Stout and Catriona McKay

Inksters and Scottish Ensemble with Chris Stout and Catriona McKay - Shetland

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