Inksters Select Tea Christmas Video

22 December 2015

Inksters Solicitors have teamed up with Tchai-Ovna House of Tea to create Inksters Select Tea. Tchai-Ovna is a social enterprise and speciality tea house in the west end of Glasgow as well as an important venue for local artists, musicians and community groups. The tea will be sold to support their projects and is an expression of Inksters commitment to the community.

Inksters Select Tea brings the exotic to your Scottish tea cup, with rare teas from China and Japan. Inksters Select Tea commenced this Christmas with the rare half green, Gui Hua, an exquisite oolong delicately scented with lotus.  There are only 4 kilos of this in Europe - all packaged up in Glasgow  by Tchai-Ovna House of Tea.

The launch of Inksters Select Tea was done via Inksters Christmas Hats which this year share the same botanical pattern as the packaging for the tea. Inksters are encouraging recipients of the hats to make a nice brew and send in their hat photos with hashtag #inkstersteahats. Inksters will send their favourites a sample of one of the first batches of Inksters Select Tea.

Watch Inksters Christmas Video about Inksters Christmas Tea Hats and Inksters Select Tea:-

Inksters will be making an extended video in the New Year explaining in more detail how and why Inksters Select Tea was created.

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