This is Your Trial at Edinburgh Fringe

29 July 2014

Last year Brian Inkster was put on trial, for a laugh, at the Edinburgh Fringe. This was Brian's very own ‘This is Your Trial’ show. It was one of six 'trials' put on during one week of the Fringe.

This year Inksters are sponsoring a full run of This is Your Trial at the Fringe.

This is Your Trial is an improvised show where top comedians are lawyers, prosecuting and defending charges set against you! Everyone is guilty until proven innocent!

This is Your Trial


The Judge, as in Brian's Trial, is Tim FitzHigham. Regular Court Clerk during the trials will be Thom Tuck. Each night will see guest Counsel appear for the defence and prosecution. In the past guest performers have included Al Murray, Marcus Brigstocke, Stuart Goldsmith, Mark Dolan, Barry Ferns and Trevor Lock. There may be some guest accused but on the whole the accused will be chosen at random from the audience!

Brian Inkster said "After experiencing my own 'trial' at last year's Fringe it is great for Inksters to be able to sponsor a full run of shows this year. Lawyers are often seen as stuffy and boring. Inksters are far from that as can be seen our involvement in this comedy show!".

Arts & Business Scotland match funded Inksters support as Inksters are a first time Arts sponsor in 2013/14 following sponsorship of Scottish Ensemble.

The shows are at 11.20pm each night (30 July to 23 August - every night other than Sunday and Monday) at Assembly George Square Theatre (Venue 8).

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Inksters are running a competition where the best lines tweeted from the shows or a joke about the law using the hashtag #trialinksters will win a prize. Also a discount code, providing £50 off our legal services, will be given  to every participant.

You can follow the interactions and hijinks from the show at our dedicated blog:

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