An Evening with the Scottish Ensemble

10 June 2014

As a new member of Inksters I was very excited to hear that during my first month we would be having an evening out of the office at ‘The Arches’ in Glasgow. The evening was an introduction for me, to the fabulous sounds of the Scottish Ensemble. Inksters sponsored Scottish Ensemble to take Seavaigers to Shetland.

The Scottish Ensemble is heralded as:

“Re-defining the string orchestra, the Scottish Ensemble inspires audiences in the UK and beyond with vibrant performances which are powerful, challenging and rewarding experiences. Known both in the UK and internationally for its versatility and ambitious programming, the Ensemble reaches out to create rich partnerships across boundaries of genre, geography and musical style.”

In an innovative setting beneath the underground Arches in the heart of Glasgow City  the contemporary collection of talented musicians  captivated the audience with an emotive tale of a journey by sea . The highs and lows of storm and calm.  Despite at one point feeling a little bit sea-sick, I was totally mesmerised by the rhythm and language of the music that I almost forgot that I was sitting with my eyes closed in Glasgow’s Arches.

The atmosphere was electric and the concert was ‘jumping’ at the well known Glasgow  venue. Morton’s team performed with two very talented guest musicians, fiddler Chris Stout and  Scottish harpist, Catriona McKay, all in collaboration with seven of Scotland’s top composers, Sally Beamish, David Horne, Stuart MacRae, Alasdair Spratt, Anna Meredith, Alasdair Nicolson.

Morton and Stout (with Stout leading) powered through an exhilarating interpretation of Bach’s Double Concerto, with McKay providing an unprecedented, exquisite presence on the Scottish harp.

Sally Beamish’s orchestral brilliance created both mood and atmosphere. Stout and McKay, with the Ensemble at full pelt, topped the night by  roaring foot-stomping through their Sunstone, which has been renamed “Moder-dy” .

Stout stopped hearts with his very beautiful and bewitching, Michaelswood.With a culture originating in Brian Inkster’s Homeland of Shetland the synergy between our firm and the culture and music of the Islands remains strong.

For even a Glaswegian like me, left the Arches with dreams of hoping on a boat and venturing to islands far away from my Glasgow home. I did of course purchase a CD on my way out of the Arches and boarded the subway with a spring in my step and the sound of the fiddle ringing in my ears.

THE VERDICT = A great night out for the team at Inksters and the beginning of a love affair with The Scottish Ensemble for me.

(I type this with a song in my heart and my  foot tapping under my desk)

Michelle L Hynes

Legal Process Engineer


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