Private Client Adviser - Do You Twitter?

18 December 2010

The inaugural (November 2010)  issue of Private Client Adviser (formerly Elderly Client Adviser) had as its Last Word section the question "Do You Twitter?". Answering this question were three solicitors: Paul Bennett of Bennett's Legal, David Smith of Painsmith Solicitors and Brian Inkster of Inksters Solicitors.

Brian Inkster told Private Client Adviser:-

"I tweet via @BrianInkster. My firm, Inksters (@inksters), were the first law firm in Scotland to tweet.  The firm operates other Twitter accounts for niche areas (@ScotsFamilyLaw @CroftingLaw @scotsproperty and @shetlandhomes) providing tailored information streams that attract people interested in each. This establishes Inksters as experts in these areas.

"Twitter has raised our profile, drives traffic to our four websites and provides useful and easily accessible sources of information. It also gives us a network of new contacts for collaboration, suppliers and referrals. Engagement is the key to achieving this and that can only really be achieved through a personal account rather than a purely corporate one. You need to build friendship, credibility and trust over time. Don’t expect it to reap results overnight, you have to be prepared to be in it for the long term. You will then be pleasantly surprised by the opportunities that are presented to you via Twitter on a regular basis.

"I consider it is important for at least one fee earner in each department of a law firm to be on Twitter. This is because if someone refers a friend via Twitter for, say, a family law matter, I want to be able to refer them to the person who deals with family law via Twitter. I can do so by referring them on to the relevant person and the discussion can continue via Twitter, perhaps by Direct Message.

Oh, and it can also be fun..."

Download a PDF of the article: 'Private Client Adviser - Do You Twitter?' (83.2KB)

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