Happy Halloween at the Office

31 October 2010

Today (and for one day only - as we did last year) Inksters' homepage features Halloween lanterns. Happy Halloween!

At Inksters we celebrated Halloween on Friday with drinks and chocolate ghost, pumpkin and skeleton lollies from Thorntons. Thankfully Inksters staff refrained from playing pranks in the office as Rob and Chad do in this video:-

The fourth UK Blawg RoundUp was published by Melanie Hatton today: A Halloween Hoot. It is a very good review of the UK legal blogging scene over the past quarter. Inksters get a mention:-

"More gremlins in the machine this quarter, but thankfully with much less consequence.  Brian Inkster summarises his encounters on the Inksters Solicitors blog in IT Problems at Trainee Summer School. Inksters are officially Cool Lawyers recognised for the example which they set in social media, and I'd agree, like the Clutton Clox blog, Inksters keeps a refreshing balance of posts about the firm's work and it's people."

Read the full fourth UK Blawg RoundUp:  A Halloween Hoot.

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