Inksters are members of:-

  • The Law Society of Scotland
    The Law Society of Scotland

    The Law Society of Scotland is the governing body for Scottish solicitors. The Society promotes the interests of the solicitors’ profession and those of the public in relation to the profession.

  • Royal Faculty of Procurators in Glasgow
    Royal Faculty of Procurators in Glasgow

    The Royal Faculty of Procurators serves the needs of the legal profession in Glasgow and West Central Scotland. Providing members with access to a large law Library, a well regarded CPD education programme, the services of an auditor and a venue in the city centre for a wide variety of events.

  • Family Law Association
    Family Law Association

    Membership of the Family Law Association consists of members of the legal profession in Scotland with extensive experience, specialisation or interest in Family Law.

  • Crofting Law Group
    Crofting Law Group

    The objects of the Crofting's Law Group are:- To promote the knowledge and understanding of Crofting Law; To promote a forum for consultation and for making proposals to the EC, the Government and other bodies, in relation to the law reform as it affects crofting interests; To create a forum for....

  • Agricultural Law Association
    Agricultural Law Association

    The UK’s premier independent cross-disciplinary organisation dealing on an agenda-free, non-partisan, non-political basis with all matters arising in connection with rural business.

  • GSPC

    GSPC advertises homes for sale through solicitors in west central Scotland. They are the single largest property marketing network in the area by far and their 200+ member firms will sell over 12,000 homes this year worth more than £1.2 billion.

  • ESPC

    With over 230 Member solicitor estate agents the ESPC as market leader, is a bold, strong, and vibrant marketing organisation. Should you have a property to sell or property to rent in Edinburgh or East Central Scotland, then no other sales outlet compares with the ESPC.

  • Federation of Small Businesses
    Federation of Small Businesses

    Over the past 34 years the Federation has gained wide recognition and is today the major national organisation representing the five million self-employed and small businessmen and women in the UK.