Family Law Association

Gus Macaulay is a member of The Family Law Association ('FLA').  Membership of the Association consists of members of the legal profession in Scotland with extensive experience, specialisation or interest in Family Law.

The FLA's aims are as follows:

  • To promote family law as a branch of law in its own right, rather than as a type of litigation.
  • To promote and provide education and training in family law and in skills necessary for good practice.
  • To provide opportunities and facilities for members to meet and to exchange knowledge, views and ideas, both at national and at regional level.
  • To monitor law reform which has a bearing on family law and to engage, where possible, in the process of reform at whatever level.
  • To provide a point of reference for the public and for other organisations on family law issues
  • To undertake such other activities as the committee or membership may from time to time determine.

Membership of the FLA keeps Gus at the forefront of Family Law issues.

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