The Mongol Rally 2008

Team KanbeeShetlander Robert Young led a team on a 10,000 mile charity adventure, proudly sponsored by Inksters Solicitors. Team Kanbee set out to travel a third of the way around the earth, in a car that the laws of physics say shouldn’t have made it past Peckham Rye. The Mongol Rally isn’t just about adventure, it’s also about raising huge stacks of cash for some great charities.  In 2007 the rally raised over £200,000 and with the help of sponsors like Inksters, they hoped to smash that in 2008.

The teams set off from London’s Hyde Park on 19th July 2008, hoping to reach the Mongolian capital of Ulaan Baatar about a month later. Inksters Solicitors were proud to sponsor Team Kanbee, who were raising money for two charities: Hope & Homes for Children, which gives hope to the poorest children in the world by closing down state institutions where conditions are poor and relocating them to loving family homes; and Mercy Corps, which runs social and economic projects in many countries the rally passes through.

Team Kanbee ploughed through Russia making half-decent progress until disaster struck. The gearbox was knackered! A Russian guy who spoke a bit of English helped Team Kanbee out but there were no Fiats around. Their transit visas wouldn't let them stay in Russia for long enough to get hold of a new gear box. They couldn't cross the border in any other vehicle.  They couldn't cross the border on public transport, because they had effectively imported a vehicle into the country without the right paperwork.

Team Kanbee couldn't get a hotel or anywhere to stay without a tourist visa. The embassy said they had no choice but to hitch a ride to the nearest city, Saratov, then fly to Moscow pronto to catch a flight home.

Better luck next time guys.

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