Parking Law : Moncrieff -v- Jamieson

New parking law was created by the decisions in Moncrieff -v- Jamieson, where Inksters Solicitors acted for the successful party:-

The Case

Moncrieff -v- Jamieson Learn about the events of 1998 that brought the matter before the Sheriff Court and the subsequent journey via the Court of Session to the decision of the House of Lords in 2007.

The Video

House of Lords A webcast with Brian Inkster providing the background to the case plus initial reactions from outside the House of Lords immediately after the decision on 17 October 2007.

The Lecture

The Lecture Brian Inkster's lecture on 'Moncrieff -v- Jamieson: An insight from the coal face (or perhaps more accurately the cliff edge)'

The Resources

Resources References to the reported decisions and subsequent articles and materials on the case.