Leasing Property

We act for a number of landlords and can help you draw up a lease for a particular tenant or a standard one which you can use for more than one property. Drawing up home-made leases or using styles downloaded from the internet can be problematic as, whilst these are usually binding, the law implies terms which may surprise you when a lease is silent on a given subject. Landlords often only realise when things go wrong and they try to evict a tenant how difficult this can be if the lease they used has created what is known as an “assured tenancy”. This is what a lease will result in unless the correct notices are served to create a “short assured tenancy”, which many landlords find suit their needs better.

If you are thinking of letting a property, Inksters can talk you through the different kinds of tenancies and help you to decide what is best for you. If things do go wrong, Inksters take care of the formalities of eviction; serving the correct notices, negotiating with your tenant and going to court to obtain an order for their eviction if this is necessary, and helping you to recover any debts due to you in unpaid rent.

We can also act for both landlord and tenant in the drawing up of commercial leases, ensuring that your interests are protected.