Family Law Scotland - General Information

At Inksters, we appreciate that when family law problems arise, it can result in one of the most difficult times in your life. You need someone who can support you and guide you through the various legal issues in plain language and in a way that helps you make the best decisions for your particular circumstances.

Our job is to listen sensitively and non-judgementally to the issues which have arisen and guide you towards the best possible solution.

Gus Macaulay is an experienced family law practitioner and a member of the Family Law Association. He can advise you on issues concerning financial matters or child law which can arise following the breakdown of a marriage, a civil partnership or a cohabiting relationship. He will help you to decide the best way forward in your case.

Inksters promotes a non-confrontational approach to family law problems where possible, trying to save you the money, time and stress of a court process. Therefore, Gus will first attempt to reach a solution by negotiation. If that is not possible, as a court practitioner with extensive experience, Gus can represent you robustly in court.