Issues about Children

Following a relationship breakdown, disputes sometimes arise about any children of the relationship. Inksters can advise on all areas of child law.

If possible, it is always best to try to seek some form of amicable agreement. Therefore, where appropriate, we advise parties to try mediation as a first step.

The idea of mediation is not to get you back together again, but to help you communicate regarding the children. Mediation is a voluntary process which allows both parents to discuss their children’s futures and reach decisions about the issues that affect them whilst trying to keep conflict to a minimum. Parties need not always physically meet each other, but both deal with an impartial mediator who will try to help you reach your own solution.

A mediation service is provided by Family Mediation Scotland who can be contacted on 0845 119 2020.

If you are in Shetland, Shona Manson at Family Mediation Shetland can be contacted on 01595 743 859.

If mediation is unsuccessful or is not possible our family law solicitors will be happy to negotiate on your behalf to try to reach a solution. They are all experienced litigators and, if need be, can also take your problem to court.

Actions can be raised for parental rights and responsibilities for such matters like contact or residence (previously called ‘access’ and ‘custody’) or for any specific issues which have arisen such as a dispute over what the child’s surname should be or whether one party should be allowed to take them abroad on holiday.

Child maintenance is also often an issue.  Again, if a voluntary agreement can be reached, then that is the preferred option.  If not, you may wish to contact the Child Support Agency.

All kinds of questions can arise, and our family law team can guide you through the relevant areas of law and the practical issues.