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10 February 2012

Inksters are the first Estate Agents operating in Shetland to use QR Codes to market properties for sale.

In the Property Sales Section of today's Shetland Times, Inksters advertised 17A Knab Road, Lerwick, Shetland for sale in an advert containing a QR code. When scanned onto a mobile smart phone this QR Code takes you straight to Inksters Shetland Property list on Inksters mobile property website. Inksters are currently the only Estate Agents operating in Shetland with a dedicated mobile property website.

Inksters have, of course, had a SMS mobile property solution for many years. By texting inksters to 84840 (normal operator rates apply) you will get a text back to your mobile phone with a list of the properties for sale nearest to where you are standing. QR Codes are a logical extension to this technology for those with smart phones.

Brian Inkster commented that “this latest marketing initiative by Inksters demonstrates once more our forward thinking approach to Estate Agency services. We continue to lead the way in the online marketing of Shetland Property: maximising exposure and increasing the opportunities of a sale in what remains a difficult market for property sellers."

Inksters Forward Thinking Estate Agency services include:-

Contact Brian Inkster on 0141 229 0880 or e-mail Brian to learn how Inksters can help you sell your home.

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