Crofting Amendment Bill passed by Holyrood

25 June 2013

The Crofting (Amendment) (Scotland) Bill has been passed by the Scottish Government and will shortly receive Royal Assent. On this occasion the bill will be enacted on receiving Royal Assent, enabling decrofting applications by owner occupier crofters to be progressed after a halt of over four months since the Crofting Commission decided they could not legally process such applications.

Members at the Stage 3 debate continued to comment on the further problems in crofting legislation; while the consensus was that this Bill was not the place to tackle those problems, Paul Wheelhouse MSP, Minister for the Environment and Climate Change gave further assurances that these issues would be addressed after the summer recess.  He stated that while he did not think another committee of enquiry was needed, he said that his officials will be making contact with stakeholders to arrange discussions on ‘the next steps for crofting’.

Rob Gibson MSP voiced concern over Inksters stance that the current layers of legislation are a mess, stating that it was rather a ‘matter of complexity’. You can read Eilidh Ross’ response on the Crofting Law Blog. 


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