Crofting elections announced

10 January 2012

The Notice of Elections has been published for the first ever crofting elections. For the first time, six people will be democratically elected by Scotland's crofting community to represent their interests. The remaining three spaces have been filled by Ministerial appointment, announced as Susan Walker, a crofter on Skye,  William Swann, a vet, also resident on Skye and Sandy Cross, a crofting landlord from Shetland.
The postal ballot for the further six members will take place in March 2012 with the count on 16 March. The official change from the current Crofters Commission to the Crofting Commission will then come into effect on 1 April, 2012.
Environment Minister Stewart Stevenson said:

"I am delighted to announce the appointment of Susan, William and Sandy who will bring a great deal of knowledge, experience and drive to the Crofting Commission at this very important time for crofting.
"Crofting is the very fabric of many of our rural communities, and has inspired songs, literature and art for hundreds of years. The Scottish Government wants to give crofters a voice to determine their own future and these first ever Crofting Commission elections are a solid step down that road.
"Crofting has defined cultural shifts in our history. Today marks another historic moment - when Scotland's crofters get a seat at the table to make decisions that affect their future.
"The Scottish Government believes crofts that are occupied and worked can be the biggest contribution to the sustainable economic growth and development of our crofting communities. Having an effective regulator is a vital part of achieving that aim."
Eleanor Arthur, Shetland Crofter and Chair of the Scottish Crofting Federation, said:
"The crofting elections are an exciting development for crofting as crofters will be able to directly influence how crofting is regulated in the future. I would encourage all crofters who are eligible to vote to make sure the commission have the correct details for them so that they receive a ballot paper. They should also consider standing for election and they should certainly encircle their vote."
The Highland Council's Chief Executive Alistair Dodds is the Returning Officer for the 2012 crofting elections. Mr Dodds said:
"This landmark election is a great opportunity for crofters to engage with the decisions that affect them. There are many able people within crofting communities from Shetland to Argyll and I hope to see many coming forward and running for the six positions on the board."
The deadline for submitting changes to the Register of Crofts, which will be used to compile the crofting electoral role, is 19 January 2012. Voting is restricted to one vote per croft and to one vote per crofter: a multiple occupancy croft must nominate one voter, and a crofter with multiple crofts is only eligible for one vote.
Notice of the crofting elections was given by the Returning Officer for the election, Mr Alistair Dodds, Chief Executive of The Highland Council. The elections will be conducted using a postal ballot with ballot papers being issued on 27 February and the count taking place in Inverness at The Highland Council Headquarters on Friday 16 March.
The deadline for returning candidate nomination papers and application papers for proxy and absent votes is Thursday 26 January. For further information on the election and to check your details on the register of crofts, please contact the Crofters Commission on 01463 663 439 or email:

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