It’s a “No”!

19 September 2014

Scotland’s historic referendum has taken place.

After all the campaigning, debating, voting and anxious waiting, the result is now known - it’s a “No thanks”. 

The result was: Yes 1,617989 No 2,001926; which represents 44.7% to 55.3% with a turnout 84.6%.

Many will be delighted with the result, many will be disappointed.  Some will be elated, others will be dejected.

When the dust has settled, and when the analysis has died down and when we have all reflected on the decision, it is hoped that everyone will all be able to accept the democratic choice that has been made and move forward together.

So, what does the future hold in light of the “No” vote?

It was a major part of the campaigning of both sides and the referendum debates that, no matter the result, the path ahead would entail something of the unknown.

By the very nature of the promises given, the aspirations hoped for and the final decision made by the people of Scotland, we are in unchartered territory with no historical precedent.  Quite what extra powers are to be granted to Scotland, or when or how that will be achieved, are all uncertain.

Some time ago, the Scottish Government and the UK Government issued a joint statement which appeared in the Electoral Commission’s Voting Guide for the Referendum [PDF].

On page 11, it outlines in broad terms what would happen if there was a No vote, and it is clear that much would be subject to negotiation and would require co-operation.

Whatever happens next, it is hoped that the nation of Scotland will be united behind the democratic choice which has been exercised by the people and that we will reconcile our differences and work together for the peace and prosperity of our nation.

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