Inksters are ARTL enabled

16 June 2009

Following a visit from Registers of Scotland today Inksters are now enabled to carry out Automated Registration of Title to Land (ARTL) transactions.

In certain circumstances if you are selling or buying a property through Inksters we shall be able to conduct the entire transaction online. It will be necessary for the property to already be registered in the Land Register of Scotland, for title to the entire registered property and not just part of it to be transferred and for the other firm of solicitors involved to be ARTL enabled. Whether your mortgage documents can be processed via ARTL will depend on which lender you are using as not all lenders have signed up, as yet, to ARTL.

An ARTL transaction will result in a saving in costs as the registration dues charged by Registers of Scotland are cheaper than traditional paper based transactions.

Brian Inkster said "Inksters have always been keen to utilise technology in the provision of services to our clients. Now that we are ARTL enabled we are looking forward to carrying out our first ARTL transaction and enhancing the service our clients will receive from us as a result."

Contact Brian Inkster on 0141 229 0880 or send Brian an e-mail to clarify whether your next property transaction can benefit from ARTL.