The Scotsman covers Inksters Twittering

18 March 2009

The Scotsman today covered Inksters' Twittering in a news item with the headline "Solicitor homes in on Twitter blog site":-

AN ESTATE agency has come up with an innovative way of stimulating interest in the flagging housing market – putting properties up for sale on social networking site Twitter.

The Glasgow-based Inksters Solicitors, which also practises in Edinburgh and Shetland, is claiming to be the first legal "Twitterer" in the country, in advertising homes on the blogging update site.

The company, which started "micro-blogging" on Twitter last month, has enhanced its presence on the site by adding two property listings to complement its property websites.

Brian Inkster, of Inksters, said: "Social networking via the web is a global phenomenon that business is beginning to embrace.

"Law firms are often reticent to join in activity of this kind," he said. "However, I see it as a natural progression in the use of modern technology to communicate with our clients and prospective clients."


Inksters became the first law firm in Scotland to Twitter when the first tweet was posted on 11 February 2009 (See Inksters are Twittering). The following month Inksters became the first Solicitors/Estate Agents in Scotland to list properties for sale on Twitter (See Property for Sale listed on Twitter).

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