To Kill a Mocking Bird

8 May 2009

The Firm Magazine recently asked solicitors and advocates to tell them which films from the rich seam of cinematic gold won their personal Oscars, and why these particular films blew the warm air up their gowns.

Inksters' Kathleen Simmonds was inspired into the world of the law from seeing it portrayed on screen in To Kill a Mocking Bird at the age of eleven.

An article 'Films in Focus' In the May/June edition of the Firm Magazine includes Kathleen's thoughts on why for her "there is only one true cinematic hero and that is Atticus Finch" and "the fact that he is a lawyer only makes him more of a hero".

For Kathleen "Atticus represents the importance of the choices that we make. This is made apparent in the relationship he has with his children, teaching them to have respect for themselves and for others. The film manages to strike the balance of making a serious commentary on intolerance and injustice while being thoroughly engaging and poignant".

Read the full article at The Firm: Films in Focus.

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