Inksters News 2010

Inksters News from 2010:-

  • Scottish Parliament
    Views on Crofting Reform (Scotland) Bill

    3 February 2010: Brian Inkster has submitted his views on the Crofting Reform (Scotland) Bill to the Scottish Parliament's Rural Affairs and Environment Committee.

  • UK Lawyers and Social Media
    UK Lawyers and Social Media

    29 January 2010: Last Friday Brian Inkster joined Chris Sherliker, Rory Webber and Adrian Dayton for a discussion about how UK lawyers are using social media. Podcast now available.

  • Metro
    Metro features Inksters' Property Tweets & Texts

    28 January 2010: Inksters use of technology to market properties for sale was featured in the property section of Metro yesterday in an article entitled "The internet holds the key".

  • Crofting Law
    Future of Crofting Conference

    27 January 2010: Brian Inkster was in Stornoway yesterday for the Future of Crofting Conference organised by Western Isles Council. His blog post on proceedings was published today: Is the Future of Crofting Law Bright?

  • Divorce
    QualitySolicitors Reports a Rise in Divorce Enquiries

    25 January 2010: QualitySolicitors have reported a rise in enquiries about separation and divorce. Inksters is busy providing advice to new and existing clients.

  • Inksters Give Blog
    Scotblogs Award Nomination

    17 January 2010: The Inksters Give Blog has been nominated for a Scotblogs Award 2010.

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