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  • Cohabitants and Intestacy
    Cohabitants and Intestacy

    10 October 2008: The Family Law (Scotland) Act 2006, in particular the provision relating to the rights of surviving cohabitants on intestacy (i.e. dying without leaving a will), has come under the spotlight recently.

  • Stamp Duty
    Stamp Duty Suspended Under £175,000

    9 September 2008: There was some much-needed good news for the housing market last week, with the long-awaited announcement of a stamp duty suspension for homes under £175,000.

  • Child Support Agency
    Child Support Agency Update

    29 August 2008: There has been speculation for some time that the Child Support Agency is to be replaced. On 5th June, royal assent was granted to the Child Maintenance and Other Payments Act 2008.

  • Consultation on Landlord Registration Scheme Launched
    Consultation on Landlord Registration Scheme Launched

    20 July 2008: Communities Minister Stewart Maxwell today announced new measures which he hopes will “streamline” the Landlord Registration Scheme.

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