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  • Estate Agency: Elsewhere
    Registers of Scotland issue guidance over 'Souvenir' plots of land

    27 April 2012: The Registers of Scotland have recently published advice on those seeking to buy a little piece of Scotland and invest in a ‘Souvenir Plot’.

  • Breakdown of Cohabitating Relationships
    Cohabitation claim developments

    20 April 2012: Following a significant cohabitation case last year, the courts have had little opportunity to clarify the provisions under section 28 of the Family Law (Scotland) Act 2006 that were designed to redress imbalances when cohabitees separate.

  • Property Transactions
    Scottish Government to consult on unfair rental charges

    5 April 2012: The Scottish Government is to consult on whether to outlaw charges that are often made by letting agencies to tenants and prospective tenants.

  • crofting tenant crofthouse (listing)
    Quick guide for prospective crofters

    3 April 2012: The dream of moving north to a remote croft can entice many to head for the Highlands. But buying or tenanting a croft can involve many pitfalls for the uninitiated. Here is a handy beginners' guide to highlight some of the key issues to be aware of.

  • Two sheep
    New Crofting Commission begins today

    2 April 2012: After fifty-seven years the Crofters Commission is no more, and has been replaced by the Crofting Commission. Although at first this may only appear to be a minor name change, the new body has some significant differences over the old one which was set up in 1955.

  • Scottish Parliament
    Government Bill could penalise the owners of empty properties

    26 March 2012: A new Bill introduced today is a first step in attempting to reduce the number of unoccupied properties by allowing local authorities to charge up to double the usual rate of Council Tax on properties which are empty for long periods of time.

  • Debt Recovery
    Repossessions in Scotland affected by Northern Rock ruling

    20 March 2012: A ruling at Glasgow Sheriff Court has dismissed as incompetent an action that was taken by Northern Rock (Asset Management), because they had failed to correctly follow the steps required to be made by a lender before they could repossess a property.

  • Crofting Law
    First Crofting Commission election results are announced

    16 March 2012: The results of the first elections to the new Crofting Commission have been announced. The count took place at the Town House in Inverness earlier today.

  • Public Performance
    Concern over Public Entertainment Licence in Glasgow

    14 February 2012: The growing concern over the changes to the law that will require venues across Glasgow to obtain a Public Entertainment Licence has led to a campaign for Glasgow City Council to scrap the proposals.

  • Scales of Justice (listing)
    The tension between travellers and the community

    7 February 2012: There is a fine line to be trod between respecting the lifestyle and beliefs of the gypsy and traveller community, and respecting landowners’ rights.