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  • Succession
    A change in the law governing intestate succession

    1 February 2012: February has brought with it a change in the law which may allow a spouse to claim more when someone dies intestate.

  • Edinburgh (listing)
    Edinburgh Statutory repair notices

    24 January 2012: Statutory Repair notices can be a useful tool for local authorities to ensure that properties in their area are kept in good condition.

  • Stamp Duty
    SDLT 'Holiday' Nearly Over for First Time Buyers

    23 January 2011: A warning; the Stamp Duty 'holiday' for first time buyers is due to end at midnight on 24th March 2012.

  • Property Transactions
    Long Leases Bill published

    21 January 2012: The Scottish Parliament has published a bill that aims to convert extra-long leases into ownership.

  • Dispute Resolution
    Dispute resolution - alternatives to going to court

    20 January 2012: If you are involved in a dispute with someone – whether it is an employer, company providing you with services or a dispute with a neighbour, going to court can be a daunting prospect for the uninitiated.

  • Consultation on Landlord Registration Scheme Launched
    A guide to managing tenement property

    15 January 2012: If things in your tenement building go wrong – from a leaking roof to a repair to the stairwell banister, or even if it needs a fresh lick of paint, then knowing what the law is surrounding tenement management can be very useful.

  • Cows and quadbike
    Crofting elections announced

    10 January 2012: The Notice of Elections has been published for the first ever crofting elections. For the first time, six people will be democratically elected by Scotland's crofting community to represent their interests.

  • Debt Recovery
    Debt recovery guide: diligence

    14 December 2011: Sometimes, even after a court has ordered that someone who owes you money should pay what you are due, that may not be the end of the matter. You may be lucky and receive payment, but this isn’t always the case.

  • Executries
    The importance of making a will for property owners

    9 December 2011: When someone dies without a will, their possessions - or ‘estate’ as it is legally known - falls into ‘intestacy’, which can have far reaching consequences for any family members left behind who were expecting to benefit from their relatives assets.

  • Property Matching
    Staying on the right side of your neighbours - and the law

    2 December 2011: Most of us have neighbours, be it across the close in a Glasgow tenement, over the garden wall in a suburban housing development, or perhaps even half a mile away across a field.